Helping Hand Hangers

Helping Hand Hangers

Helping Hand Hangers

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Taxidermy Mount Hangers



Helping Hand Hangers were developed for the taxidermist by a taxidermist. Working alone, as many taxidermists do, you likely find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands to assist in securing mounts to the stand for finish work. Instead of fumbling around with a screw gun in one hand, the mount in the other, simply install the hanger on the mannikin from the beginning and slip it on or off the mounting plate as needed. This hanger not only saves time but is also a secure finishing hanger that your customers can appreciate. Use it with the wall bracket for extra durability when hanging large game heads (i.e. elk, moose, bear, and more…). The combination of the mounting hanger and the wall bracket has been “field-tested” at over 240 lbs! Watch the video demonstration… Whether you are an experienced taxidermist or a beginner, the Helping Hand Hanger will make the mounting process that much easier. What about the hunter? Secure your trophy mount with the strength you can depend on. Upgrade your hanger today. Specifications – Made of .060 inch steel with a rustproof, clear galvanized coating. 1/4 inch offset for a quick fastens to the mounting plate. Used by itself, or with a wall bracket for extra support. View Video Demonstration

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